Sound Visualizer with Papervision3D


The visualizer of is very beatiful. I want to publish like as Then I make the arrangement demo of Papervision3D 2.0(Greate White) with afterimage effect. This effect is BitmapEffectLayer which is new class of pv3d 2.0 beta.

  • demo (require Flash Player 9, with sound)
  • src

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4 thoughts on “Sound Visualizer with Papervision3D”

  1. hey guys…
    I wanted to let you know i used your published code (with minor changes) in a MP3 visualization I put up on youtube. I credited both you and Papervision3d under the track name for the visualization code.

    Thank you for publishing and sharing this simple yet powerful code… It added a nice touch to my song. I only wish I was more apt at getting the high quality .swf converted to high quality video. This was the best I could scratch together (by using sothink’s .swf to video converter).

    Thanks again,


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