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Vector Text are Available with Papervision3D

I found the fact, Papervision3D is possible to use vector text as FIve3D or vectorvision. Current SVN (i use rev 851) of pv3d contains Text3D, Letter3DMaterial class.

How To Use

// create Material
var lettermat:Letter3DMaterial = new Letter3DMaterial();
lettermat.fillColor = 0xFF0000;

// create 3D object
var word:Text3D = new Text3D("foo" , new HelveticaBold() , lettermat);

Sample 1 : Refrection Vector World


Sample 2 : Typographic Logo


Orijinal Post

RGB Image Separater with Papervision3D

Flashgamers show demo which CMYK separated image with Away3D. Visualization of color logic is interesting for me.

By the way, it’s possible to separate RGB channel from image with BitmapData.copyChannel method. I created demo which four planes separated to RGB at runtime are on Papervision3D space. You can separate rgb channel by stage dragging. And the demo can use local image file with new Filereference of Astro.

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