Brand new Portfolio, Build with Angular 2


ClockMaker Labs - Version 3 using Angular 2

Hello, I’m Yasunobu Ikeda aka ClockMaker. My portfolio website is renewed.

The important changing point is the transition to HTML5 from Flash. This site is operated from 2008. Looking back on the past versions, I will introduce this time of renewal .

Year 2008 / Version 1.0

ClockMaker Labs - Version 1 using Flex Framework 3

It was made with Flex Framework 3. This design was based on Yahoo! Flex Skin.

Year 2010 / Version 2.0

ClockMaker Labs - Version 2 using Progression 4

It was made by Flash and Pure ActionScript 3.0 with Progression and JPPScrollbar.

Year 2016 / Version 3.0

ClockMaker Labs - Version 3 using Angular 2

It is made by HTML5 and TypeScript with Angular 2. Angular 2 is best framework for creation of SPA for interaction developer.
You will notice that the time required for the page transition is less than past versions.


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